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We offer basic repair solutions of all electric washers, dryers and dishwashers.We supply low-price service calls, along with expert services.If we can not repair the difficulty, you do not get charged it is that simple.


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Master Appliances understands your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher like no one else. Obtaining a lot more than two decades' encounter in the appliance repair industry coupled with sector instruction has offered our technicians the knowledge to properly deal with your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher repairs with professionalism. In addition to the superb service, Master Appliances has an honest quoting technique to make positive you get every little thing we provide for a fair price.



Appliance Repair Close to Scottsdale Il Electric can openers supply convenience. This Repair-It Guide on electric can opener repair tells how an electric can opener works, what usually goes wrong, how to identify the problem, and what components and tools you will require to fix it. It then offers straightforward step-by-step directions for how to disassemble an electric can opener, how to service the on-off switch, and how to service the gears. This Fix-It Guide also refers to electrical cord repair and motor repair for specific electric can opener difficulties.


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Would This Work In My Washing Machine?

Okay I Recently Saw This On Msn.


I Was Wondering If The Already Bottled Lemon Juice Would Work And Weather Or Not It Would Work In The Sort Of Machine I Have. We Have A Front Load Washer And Dryer That Has A Compartment For The Soap, Bleach, Ect. I Don'T Think I Want To Try This Because It Might Get In The Gears, Is There Anyone On Here That Knows The Insides Of This Particular Washing Machine To Know Weather Or Not It Could Damage The Machine?




The mechanics of every washing machine, no matter who makes it, are separate from the washing compartment. No matter what you put into the wash cycle, it can not make it's way into the gears, which are enclosed, any way.


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How Do I Fix A Washing Machine?

Does Not Spin Or Drain The Water




There are a lot of basic things to check for a washing machine that won't drain. On the simple side of things, it could be anything from running the machine without soap (to clear clogged soap suds) to cleaning out a clog in your drain hose that could solve your problem. Check out this article: for a detailed explanation of what to look for.


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I bought the LG refrigerator in June 2016 from Residence Depot. The compressor failed July 2017. Luckily, I had purchased the extended five-year warranty via Property Depot nonetheless, the on going saga of trying to get the unit repaired is unacceptable. It took practically ten days to get repairman to the home to diagnose the dilemma. There had been no compressors anywhere inside the United States to replace the defective compressor. The compressor was back ordered with a promised delivery date ten days following the repairman had diagnosed the dilemma. I anticipated the compressor to arrive by August 3rd. I was recently informed that it would not arrive ahead of August 17th with a achievable installation to occur inside 1 to 3 days soon after that date! This would be more than a month to get the refrigerator repaired.


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How Do I Know If My Oven Needs Repair?

Before I Buy Another Oven Or Call A Repair Man, How Do You Know If Your Oven Is Broken? When I Try To Cook Things It Takes A Really Long Time For It To Get Done, Like Cake For Instance. The Element Still Gets Bright Red, But I Don't Have A Thermometer Above 200 To See If It's Getting Up To Temperature. Is It Possible For The Elements To Go Bad But Still Get Red Hot?




you can buy an over thermometer.


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Different Styles Of Table Service?

Like The Buffet Style,The Russian Service,The English Service..
Ill Be Happy If U Give Me Websites With Those All.Thank U:)





Gueridon Service: This is a service where a dish comes partially prepared from the kitchen to be completed in the restaurant by the waiter or, when a complete meal is cooked at the table-side in the restaurant. The cooking is done on a gueridon trolley which is a mobile trolley with a gas cylinder and burners. The waiter plays a prominent part, as he is required to fillet, carve, flambé and prepare the food with showmanship. The waiter has to have considerable dexterity and skill.

English Service: Often referred to as the "Host Service" because the host plays an active role in the service. Food is brought on platters by the waiter and is shown to the host for approval. The waiter then places the platters on the tables. The host either portions the food into the guest plates directly or portions the food and allows the waiter to serve. For replenishment of guest food the waiter may then take the dishes around for guests to help themselves or be served by the waiter.

French Services: It is a very personalized service. Food is brought from the kitchen in dishes and salvers, which are placed directly on the table. The plates are kept near the dish and the guests help themselves.

Silver Service: The table is set for hors d'oeuvres, soup, main courses and sweet dish in sterling silverware. The food is portioned into silver platters at the kitchen itself which are placed at the sideboard with burners or hot plates to keep the food warm in the restaurant. Plates are placed before the guest. The waiter then picks the platter from the hot plate and presents the dish to the host for approval. He serves each guest using a service spoon and fork. All food is presented in silver dishes with elaborate dressing.

American Service: The American service is a pre-plated service which means that the food is served into the guest's plate in the kitchen itself and brought to the guest. The portion is predetermined by the kitchen and the accompaniments served with the dish balance the entire presentation in terms of nutrition and color. This type of service is commonly used in a coffee shop where service is required to be fast.

Cafeteria Service: This service exists normally in industrial canteens, colleges, hospitals or hotel cafeterias. To facilitate quick service, the menu is fixed and is displayed on large boards. The guest may have to buy coupons in advance, present them to the counter waiter who then serves the desired item. Sometimes food is displayed behind the counter and the guests may indicate their choice to the counter attendant. The food is served pre-plated and the cutlery is handed directly to the guest. Guests may then sit at tables and chairs provided by the establishment. Sometimes high tables are provided where guests can stand and eat.

Counter Service: (Snack-bar Service) Tall stools are placed along a counter so that the guest may eat the food at the counter itself. In better establishments, the covers are laid out on the counter itself. Food is either displayed behind the counter for the guests to choose from, or is listed on a menu card or common black board.

Grill Room Service: In this form of service various meats are grilled in front of the guest. The meats may be displayed behind a glass Browse Around This Site partition or well decorated counter so that the guest can select his exact cut of meat. The food comes pre-plated.

Room Service: It implies serving of food and beverage in guest rooms of hotels. Small orders are served in trays. Major means are taken to the room on trolleys. The guest places his order with the room service order taker. The waiter receives the order and transmits the same to the kitchen. In the meanwhile he prepares his tray or trolley. He then goes to the cashier to have a cheque prepared to take along with the food order for the guests’ signature or payment. Usually clearance of soiled dishes from the room is done after half an hour or an hour. However, the guest can telephone Room Service for the clearance as and when he has finished with the meal.

Formal style of serving the meals is the one where someone serves each plate in the kitchen and delivers it to the table and there is someone to wait on everybody at the table.

If you are hosting a large gather or having a potluck dinner, you may also arrange for buffet-style serving.

Make sure you have a serving dish and serving utensils for each of your dish and that you have enough gravy ladles too.

The dinner fork is kept closest to the plate on the left side and the salad fork is farthest away from it while knife is kept closes to the plate on the right with the blade facing towards the plate and spoon is further on the right. The soup spoons are the furthest on the right while tea spoon, if present, is placed just after the knife.

The host may sit on the head of the table and serve each plate there and pass it down to the guests. Serving dishes are then left on the table, so that they can be


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If you agree, we can supply any refrigerator repair work required on the spot, employing expert tools and good quality parts. The perform and components we supply are each backed by warranty (one complete year on components, 90 days on labor), so besides paying an cost-effective price, much less than what other firms would ask for, you will also get peace of mind.


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On an island or on a counter, a cooktop is a excellent addition to any kitchen. At first they had been only electric, but there are now several diverse kinds of cooktops: gas, halogen, induction, radiant, and so on.



Refrigerator Repair Scottsdale By acquiring to the root of the difficulty, an experienced repairman may come up with numerous very good fixes, some of which are considerably less pricey, specifically when compared to the prospect of acquiring a new refrigerator.


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Dryer Repair Service Arizona

How To Get Appliance Repair License In Florida Scott was quite knowledgable about our refrigerator and effortlessly diagnosed the problem. After he obtained the required part, he replaced it effectively, and supplied guidelines to preserve our unit working smoothly in the future. A wonderful service expertise.


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We recently had a main problem with our SubZero refrigerator- it is an older model (1990's) and the freezer stopped functioning. We had had 1 prior knowledge with Vladimir and it was extremely positive. I cannot underscore the level of professionalism and client service that we skilled with Vlad and his group - he was relentless in diagnosing the issue(s) and solving them. We heartily advocate Vlad and Phoenix Appliance! He is also a fantastic guy and told us specifically what he was carrying out and why.



they are amazing and courteous! Prompt and skilled. I would not use any one else. If you get to have West Coast appliance for your repairs, you will be thrilled. He can repair anything. I have employed them 3 instances for numerous properties and I could not be happier.


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They came out and told me what they thought was incorrect. I fixed the part they stated was incorrect, and nicely nevertheless broken so in my opinion it was a bad diagnostic. Wasted $55 Update: Spoke with the owner and he has set up an appointment to see what occurred. so much more to stick to. It is nice to see a organization do very good on it's operate.





Is There Any Sort Of Mini Washing Machine That I Could Use In My Rv?

I Plan To Live In An Rv And Obviously There Won'T Be Any Washing Or Drying Machines. I Don'T Really Want To Go To A Laundromat. Is There Anyone That Sells Small Washing Machines That Could Run Off Of An Electricity Outlet Or Solar Panels Or Something? Is There A Drying Machine Like That (I Could Hang Dry My Clothes If Needed)? Any Other Suggestions For What To Do About This? Thanks :D


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not sure how much room you have but LG makes a unit that washes and dries, no vent needed or 220 line, they make 2 sizes, I bought the large one for my home but they make a smaller one too, works awesome you just need to adjust to the fact that a load takes longer than it would in a 220 dryer, I live alone and love it. I had my daughter and 4 grandkids here for a week and we still kept up with their laundry




Appliance Repair Alhambra?

Most Affordable Appliance Repair Alhambra?
Appliance Repair Contractors In City Of Alhambra.
Alhambra Appliance Repair.


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I have been looking for a appliance repair that service Nation Wide Customers. in conjuction with Service Magic was affordable and very reliable service in the Alhambra area.


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The Door Gasket On My Maytag Refrigerator Gets Hot. Is This Common Or Is It Something I Should Be Concerned.?

I Have A Resident Were I Work Who Has A Maytag Refrigerator Model Mtb1956ge And Extremely Paranoid That Here Refrigerator Is Going To Start Fire. She Has Found The Door Gasket And The Front Of The Frame Opening Is Also Hot. Is This Normal For This Time Of Year Or Is It One That Is On All The Time. What Can I Tell Her About Her Refrigerator. This Is Nothing I Have Come Across Before. I Do Not Work On Appliances So I Am Not One Browse Around This Site To Give Her A Correct Answer. Can Someone Answer This For Me. Thank You Lc-1




I use to repair, recondition and build commercial refrigerator (The sheet metal components, I have worked as a metal fabricator) and that heat is most probably coming for a heating element that runs around the door opening so as to stop condensation from forming around the outside of the door.



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When Installing Propane Service, Do My Natural Gas Appliances Function The Same Way With The New Fuel Source?





They will need to be converted. Propane operates at a higher pressure than natural gas and the orifices need to be replaced or adjusted and the regulator needs to be switched around. It depends on the make and model of the appliance as to what needs to be done to convert.


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New Dishwasher Installation???

I Want To Buy A Dishwasher, And I Have Cabinets And Drawers By My Sink Where I Want It. Will The People I Buy The Dishwasher From Take My Drawers Out And Install My Machine Or Do I Have To Have Them Out Already??


Appliance Technician Scottsdale Arizona




Usually this is a cabinet makers job. Dishwasher service people don't usually have the tools or know how to make such modifications to your cabinets and may not give you satisfaction.

I recommend calling a cabinet maker or talk to a few friends or real estate sales people about carpenters and their skills in handling such a job.




How To Tell If My Oven Is A 3 Phase Or Single Phase?

I Was Given A Full Size Convection Oven And I Have No Clue If It'S A 3 Phase Or A Single Phase. There Are 3 Wires That Are 6 Awg Coming Out Of The Back Where The Plug Was Cut Off By The Previous Owner. Would This Be A Single Phase? Or Are There Other Things I Should Look At?



Gas Appliance Repair Scottsdale Arizona




if it is a domestic (household) oven it will be single phase not 3 phase. However it will likely be 220V and needs a dual breaker and heavier wiring from the fuse panel. If there is wiring for a stove in place you can use a box and wire nuts to connect the cord , turn off the breaker . Best to get an electrician or someone familiar with appliance installation to do it for you .

There should be a label on the back of the oven near the cord that gives you the voltage and amperrage of the oven . If not , get the oven make and model number and call an applience dealer or repair center for that information .


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Appliance Repair Scottsdale Darkly toasted bread will burn out your toaster two years earlier than lightly toasted bread. So if you can reside with lightly crisp rather than practically burnt, you’ll get a few much more years out of your toaster. Just saying.



Our Dryer would not turn on and when we named GE they said they could not be there for two days. We known as Appliance Operates and they have been here that afternoon, discovered the difficulty and got it fixed. Quite happy with there service.


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When you are experiencing issues with your significant kitchen appliances, you intend to get them repaired swiftly. Like with something, you need to deal with house appliance solutions the suitable way. Have a minute to take into account the steps you require to take, just before rushing into something.



At Sunny Appliance Repair we recognize how frustrating it can be when one of your appliances goes out of order. Whether it is a leaking refrigerator, broken restaurant oven, AC (furnace) that won't blow cold (hot) air, or a dryer that doesn’t dry as effectively as you’d like it to, it can ruin your day. The very good news is if you get in touch with us, you will not have to cancel your plans or sacrifice your activities, as we will acccomodate your schedule and one of our technicians will be at your door when it is handy for you. We even provide identical-day appointments 7 days a week 365 days a year at no added charge. All of the technicians at Sunny Appliance Repair thrive to make the knowledge of receiving your appliances up and running as painless and quick for you as possible.


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Refrigerator Fixer Arizona

Exceptional service! I known as and got a subsequent-day appointment for a refrigerator that had stopped refrigerating. Anthony came ready with the components for what he thought the problem may well be and made the repairs speedily, leaving our kitchen in great shape and with a functioning refrigerator once more! Would hugely suggest employing them for any household appliance repair. Anthony was clearly a knowledgeable technician and all charges on the invoice were clearly explained and all rates seemed quite affordable. Receptionist was also helpful and referred to as to let me know when technician was on his way.


Gas Appliance Services in Scottsdale



Most refrigerators and freezers are frost-free of charge. In this type of unit, a heater is automatically turned on by a timer in order to melt the frost inside the unit. Frost is melted by the heater at numerous different spots in the unit, beginning with the coldest and most frosted areas. When the frost is entirely melted, the thermostat automatically switches to a cooling cycle in order to maintain the normal freezing temperature. Due to the fact this procedure is automatic, frost does not build up inside the box.



This Repair-It Guide on popcorn popper repair tells how a popcorn popper works, what frequently goes incorrect, how to identify the issue, and what components and tools you will need to have to fix it. It then provides basic step-by-step instructions for how to disassemble a hot air popper and an oil popper. This Repair-It Guide also refers to electrical receptacle repair, electrical cord repair, heating element repair, appliance controls repair, and motor repair for specific problems.


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We generally have identical and subsequent day appointments so you won’t have to wait about ahead of you can start utilizing your refrigerator or washer once again. Our certified technicians are well equipped to deal with any washer, dryer, or refrigerator repair. We are proud to state that Direct Appliance Repair is five Star Google Rated and A Rated by BBB.



Refrigerator Repair Scottsdale David Korss of Scottsdale Appliance Repair, who’s taken over 5,000 repair orders more than the previous six years, didn’t mince words: “They’re terrible to work on, terrible to repair,” he stated. “And some technicians refuse to perform on them.”


Fridge Mechanic in Scottsdale



LG device elements for your LG cleaning gear demand to be purchased in advancement of each repair service, and also you could listen to when the equipment is not functioning effectively. The devices need to not make considerably sound, as well as any kind of loud sounds are going to make it difficult for you to run the device.



* If there is any possibility of flooding, do not try to fix your washer by your self. When water pipes flood, damage spreads wildly all through the residence, even if you only get a handful of inches of water.


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How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost We have known as this organization a couple of appliances occasions. The very first time, they have been out in just a couple of days, (which is saying a lot, considering that we are in a rural location and no one else will come here) and fixed the problem with our fridge correct away. We had yet another concern with our fridge and they have been quite booked up, but got here within a week to diagnose the problem. The parts took a whilst to arrive, but when they did, Zach truly worked tough to get it fixed. He was really good and personable. The cause for 4 stars and not 5 was due to the fact the workplace assistant hung up on me, claiming I cussed her when I did not (according to the particular person who witnessed my get in touch with) and when I went in the store, the woman on the floor was rude and extremely unfriendly. The repair guys are really friendly and beneficial although. Their costs are really affordable, a lot more than fair.





Kenmore Gas Dryer Doesn'T Heat.?

My Ten Year Old Kenmore Dryer Stopping Heating So Clothes They Don'T Dry. Any Idea What The Problem Might Be And The Cost To Repair? I Called Sears And It'S $69 An Hour Plus Parts To Have Them Come Out Or $169 For A 1 Year Warranty And Repair. Would It Be Better To Buy A New One And Are The New Gas Dryers Really More Energy Efficient?


Fix Appliances Scottsdale Arizona




The new gas dryers are not any more energy efficient today than they were 10 years ago. If you do not like the price of having someone from Sears come out to service your dryer you may be able to find a reliable independent servicer for less.

Make sure the vent is not kinked or blocked because it could make it seem that you are not getting heat and it will take a long time to dry. If the vent is clear you could have a bad thermal fuse, a bad ignitor, bad lifting coils on the valve, a bad thermostat, a burned off wire, a bad timer and a few other things.




I'M Looking For A Small Appliance (Kitchenaid Mixer) Repair Store In Scottsdale?

Preferably In The Gwinnett Area, That Can Repair A Kitchenaid Mixer. I Had No Luck Looking Online...Thanks!


Kitchen Appliance Repair Scottsdale Arizona


Dishwasher Rack Repair Scottsdale Arizona



Bosch is a reliable brand that offers washers, dishwashers and refrigerators of good quality, capable of improving everyday life. Known about the planet for their product's reliability and durability, the brand has attracted a massive buyer base.


Tumble Dryer Repairs Scottsdale Arizona


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Refrigerator Fixer Arizona

I believe the cost was too higher simply because my repair was basic. A new knob (or dial) was required to be capable to turn the heat monitor from a single setting to the next. I hope I described this effectively enough. The $55 travel charge should have been deleted, I feel. So the $95 charge seemed high to me. Scott seemed quite knowledgeable and was extremely polite. I will possibly contact on Appliance Performs once more in the future, hoping charges will be very affordable also. Thank You, Delores


Gas Appliance Services Scottsdale Arizona



Even so, in addition to comfort, fast turnaround occasions and reputable fixes, the reduce charges associated with trustworthy appliance repair companies is most likely the most impressive benefit you can gain, specifically since it doesn’t necessarily have to do only with the company’s costs or the cost of a replacement element.



Three-prong appliance plugs consist of one particular round prong used for grounding and guaranteeing that the hot and neutral prongs are inserted into the appropriate receptacle slots. Most little appliances are rated at significantly less than 15 amps. A receptacle with a T-shaped neutral slot is designed to accommodate 20-amp appliances, although 15-amp cords can be plugged into it.


Appliance Service Repair in Scottsdale



Appliance Repair For Dryer Q. You have a lot of appliance repair articles and videos out there currently, Master Samurai. Can’t I just discover what I want to from these? What would I be getting by paying for Academy courses that I can’t currently seek out online?



Appliance Repair For Less Phoenix Az When i known as, they had an appointment for about 24 hours later. Jeremy arrived a couple of minutes early and speedily diagnosed the problem. He gave us all of our choices, which includes acquiring a new dishwasher as the cost of the component we required was about the price tag of a new machine. The cost of evaluating our machine was quite reasonable and they deduct it from any repairs that are completed. I chose Appliance Performs on the strength of other reviews and was not disappointed. I would certainly use them once more.


Fridge Mechanic Scottsdale Arizona



LG device elements for your LG cleaning equipment demand to be bought in advancement of each and every repair service, and also you could listen to when the gear is not functioning properly. The devices must not make a lot sound, as nicely as any sort of loud sounds are going to make it challenging for you to run the device.



Appliance Repair Near Here Scott is extremely excellent 😊 he knows his appliances. We had to get in touch with him out on Tuesday for our dishwasher and then once again that same week on Thursday for our Washer. He was extremely efficient and polite each and every time. Thank you. And he got me back to perform with my housework.


Gas Range Repair Scottsdale Arizona



I really appreciate the courtesy I was shown here. Mike wasn't in a position to service my dryer since it is a Samsung item, however he was very fast to return my voicemail and advise a person for me. I will be bookmarking him for future repairs of non-Samsung appliances.





Kenmore Gas Dryer Doesn'T Heat.?

My Ten Year Old Kenmore Dryer Stopping Heating So Clothes They Don'T Dry. Any Idea What The Problem Might Be And The Cost To Repair? I Called Sears And It'S $69 An Hour Plus Parts To Have Them Come Out Or $169 For A 1 Year Warranty And Repair. Would It Be Better To Buy A New One And Are The New Gas Dryers Really More Energy Efficient?


Fix Appliances Scottsdale Arizona




The new gas dryers are not any more energy efficient today than they were 10 years ago. If you do not like the price of having someone from Sears come out to service your dryer you may be able to find a reliable independent servicer for less.

Make sure the vent is not kinked or blocked because it could make it seem that you are not getting heat and it will take a long time to dry. If the vent is clear you could have a bad thermal fuse, a bad ignitor, bad lifting coils on the valve, a bad thermostat, a burned off wire, a bad timer A Replacement and a few other things.




I'M Looking For A Small Appliance (Kitchenaid Mixer) Repair Store In Scottsdale?

Preferably In The Gwinnett Area, That Can Repair A Kitchenaid Mixer. I Had No Luck Looking Online...Thanks!


Kitchen Appliance Repair Scottsdale Arizona


Dishwasher Rack Repair Scottsdale Arizona



Bosch is a respected brand that gives washers, dishwashers and refrigerators of excellent top quality, capable of improving daily life. Recognized around the world for their product's reliability and durability, the brand has attracted a large customer base.


Tumble Dryer Repairs in Scottsdale


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Refrigerate Your Household For Less

You can save money on your summer season cooling expenses. And you do not have to resort to just turning your a/c on when it gets intolerable.

In numerous parts of the nation, a/c is vital. You just can not exist without it-- the heat can be very hazardous. If you can not afford to purchase an air conditioning unit, there are numerous city, county and state programs that will help you out.

But then, your electric goes up. I remember there was a time that my parents never ran their cooling, due to the fact that of the electrical expense. With some penny-wise ideas, they recognized that their expense didn't require to soar out of control due to the heat.

Purchase your air device based on the size of the space you are preparing to cool. An air conditioner that is too large or too small for the room will work too tough and expense you too much.

You want to examine the SEER number on main air systems. This number tells you how efficient the unit will be (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

When purchasing a window device, you need to search for a EER number of 11 or higher. The higher the number, the more the device will cost. The energy cost savings over time will be well worth the preliminary cost.

Keep in mind to care for your device. Change or clean the filter as soon as a month. If you do not, your a/c unit will have to work harder. It can even burn out-- so to say-- if the filter is too clogged. This is particularly essential if you live in a dirty or backwoods.

You cooling system can be one of the most expensive energy drains in your house. If your unit is quite old and you are seeing high energy costs, you ought to consider changing your system with a more recent variation. You must recover the expense in just a few years.

If you have main air, a programmable thermostat can help you save cash. You can set the thermostat to instantly change by time of day. You can have it run less when you are gone or in the evening, and more when you are home. This frequently makes more sense than shutting it off and having to recool the entire house.

Ensure that your a/c unit is in a shady place and has room to obtain rid of heat. It is appealing to surround a central air device with shrubs or flowers. This might cause the device to hang on to excessive heat.

Plant shade trees around your home. Shade is specifically handy on the west and south sides. This can minimize your cooling costs by 30%.

If you are not able to plant shade, you must set up heavy drapes on your windows that get the most sunshine. I know that at my house, my west facing windows are quite big. It can get actually hot by them in the mid-afternoon. You can likewise consider putting reflective window tint. There are variations that are clear, yet block the suns rays fairly well.

The darker the color of your home, the more heat it will absorb. Research studies show that lighter colored roofings equate into more energy efficiency in the summer.

You can close off the rooms you do not use to conserve on cooling costs. There is no need to cool a quest space that nobody enters except when a month or so. Lots of people merely cool their living room, cooking area and bed room during the summertime. This can save a great deal of money.

Switch off all lights that aren't in use. They produce a little heat. You ought to try to avoid cooking in your oven. This is the time to make the most of that microwave, crockery pot or toaster. Have you ever discovered read more how hot a kitchen can get even with the cooling on when you are cooking?

It is possible to cut your energy expenses throughout the summertime. Simply switch off the lights, tv and electronic devices in return for the a/c. You check here can sit in the cool and read a great book.

Thanks to our sponsors at Tucson Roof Gurus - The Metal Roofing Experts!

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